How to create a Clan and Private room of Brawl Stars to play with friends

How to create a Clan and Private room of Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars you can create as well as the classic Clan, also a private room, quick to play with your friends in 3v3 mode

As in any Supercell game worthy of respect, even on Brawl Stars are private channels or, better called Clan (Gang): therein will flow to new players where they can chat in chat or even better, be used as a benchmark to manage events or 3v3 challenges. Let’s find out how to create Clan or private rooms of Brawl Stars.

How to create the Clan (Gang)

Creating a Clan (Gang) of Brawl Stars is very simple, indeed like all the other games:

  1. Open Brawl Stars,
  2. Scroll in the Chat tab,
  3. Step on the entry Create Gang.

At this point, assign a name, a description, and you’re ready to invite friends to join your Clan.

Create Private rooms

The private rooms are special ‘room’ that can contain a maximum of 3 players. This feature is linked to the Challenge Mode 3v3, but on occasions, for example, you want to do more challenges with the same friends, creating a private room you will have the opportunity to do so, without necessarily having all times reinvitarli to participate.

To create a private room just go to the Create button private room there you will have in front of a screen with three slots (one occupied by you). You can invite to join the private room even members of your clan, simply by sending an invitation in Clan clicking on ‘Advertise in your band’.

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