Super Mario Run: 11 things you must know when playing


Leapyear could try the new mobile game from Nintendo, Super Mario Run, upstream of its release next week. Here are the 11 information we have learned from our experience.

What is it like Mario on smartphone? Well Mario, more than you think. Super Mario Run, mobile adventure awaited the little plumber from Nintendo, released December 15 on iOS devices . Launching on Android will wait slightly since it will take place in 2017. It will be possible to try the first few levels for free, but it will cost 9.99 euros for the full game.

leapyear could play the first 8 levels of Super Mario Run ahead at a session organized by Nintendo, this is what we learned. but if you want to unlock all super mario levels this article will help : how to unlock all levels on super mario run

1: The levels similar to those of other Mario

One might think that the levels come directly from other Mario games, including New Super Mario Bros.Some levels of puzzle to solve, and we also faced two bosses: one at the end of each world (a world has 4 levels).

2: The game is played with a finger

In this mobile game to a button, Mario runs constantly and automatically jump on enemies small. The only button the game is to jump on high platforms to hit enemies by taking off or making whirling jumps.Perfect for waiting time on the subway, for example.

3: Always in portrait mode

Because of its “gameplay” with a finger, the game is always displayed in portrait mode, vertically, even on tablet. This may seem strange for a side scrolling game, but it works pretty well.

4: the free version offers 4 levels

If you do not want to spend 9.99 euros for the full game, the free version will offer the first world, or 4 levels, as well as a mode to challenge your friends.

5: The complete set does not include a lot of levels

There are 6 worlds in the mode “Worlds Tour ‘ , that is to say as much as in other Super Mario. Altogether this makes 24 levels, that is to say less, this time, as in other licensed games. That said, the other Super Mario does not cost 9.99 euros.

6: There will not be paying a ton of additional content

Fortunately, the game is not designed as a “free-to-play” , with many optional paid content. But if it turns out to be a success, we would not be surprised to see a Super Mario 2 Run disembark.

7: Each level offers three bonus collection challenges

You can try to catch the five roses pieces to get a special award, and five red coins, and finally the five black pieces. You’ll understand that this is a variation of a familiar principle players Mario collecting hidden stars and big gold coins.

8: There are several playable characters

You can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and others. For our part, we have played with Mario, but each character should have its own style.

9: There is a way to challenge friends and other players

In addition to the 24 levels of the game, Super Mario Run offers a fashion-oriented “scoring” in confronting friends and other players. This is to collect a maximum of coins and perform tricks to impress a crowd during a limited time of 60 seconds. This will allow you to unlock bonuses. Note that this mode levels are randomly generated, a positive for the life of the game.

10: We can customize the mushroom kingdom

There is an editor to customize and decorate the mushroom kingdom in exchange for coins. You can add hills, fungi or rainbow sky for example.

11: We have been conquered

Yes, 9.99 euros for a mobile game, it’s expensive, but we have still been conquered. Of course, do not expect a Mario like those found on 3DS or Wii U. The game he has a good quality / price ratio? Hard to say since we have tested that 8 of the 24 available levels. Anyway, he gave us want to continue the game. And yes, the Mario experience one finger works well, even very well.

Fifa 17 Guides And Tips For Advance Gameplay


The latest installment of FIFA has been written so well that it is difficult to add something new?Perhaps. On the other hand, fans of football, especially now spend with your favorite game longer than usual. The most interesting matches of the season behind us, we are left to track transfers and countdown to EURO 2016. The orlikach also no longer’ll run behind the ball. What remains? Of course, virtual game. And when we play longer, we reach for a less obvious game modes and less popular bands. That’s what you have? When you get bored with the Ultimate Team mode, winning the Champions League Barcelona, or PSG we can always jump to the next level of the game.

Difficulty level? At least world class and the best level of legendary, and we try to bring to the top team from the periphery of football. I grew up on a series of Football Manager (previously Championship Manager), so I love the arduous climb from the lowest league to the European cups. Do you want to try your hand at Plymouth, Northampton or FC Heidenheim? This is a real challenge, and not driving into the empty goal duo of Messi-Suarez! And how to cope in an unequal fight? I like career mode where, thanks to the development of players, effective skautingowi and responsible transfer policies can gradually increase your strength and fight for higher and higher goals with every season. And how to survive in this difficult world without stars from the front pages of sports newspapers and gossip portals? Time for some useful tips!

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1. The best players without contacts

in the squad players often lack the appropriate skills, and the club ticket office a reasonable amount for the value transfers. But it so happens that we have players without clubs, which we can easily download to each other for free. My favorites?

Among the goalkeepers of course Gabor Kiraly – sympathetic Hungary famous for its powyciąganych pants tracksuit is a player with class. What that is 39 years old? For one season quietly give advice and will save a lot of valuable points! Among the defenders my biggest favorite is Ivan Bandalovski – Bulgarian stands out aggression in the game, speed, and good wrzutką the box. In the middle of my favorite is Julian De Guzman – 34 years on the neck, but impresses aggression in the game, agility and mastery of the ball – in theory more defensive, but it works well also playing behind the strikers with his powerful shot from distance. Best striker free to download? Another representative of Hungary – Tamas Priskin . Apparently not impressed either dribble or acceleration, but when it is in the penalty box can be extremely effective. Well adjusted, well head and the game finishes shares colleagues. On the back of the strongest European leagues guarantee at least 20 goals in a season, if we give him the chance to play in the first team.

2. Young players with the greatest potential

Current knowledge is one thing, but playing in the career mode you have to pay attention to how the player can develop and what role to play in the band in the future. It should pull to the club for a song talented youngsters and educate them for future stars. Examples? Jodi Jones from Dagenham. At the beginning of the season sum of skills 17-year-old striker is only 55, but in a short time skills will rise to 75. Other young talents? Left-back from Norway – Thomas Torgersenor Dimitry Bertrand French Monpellier. There are also talents in teams such as Ajax, Milan or Manchester City, but there players are so promising that it can not count on a permanent transfer – remains the only loan.

3. The best performer of free throws

when it is difficult to score from shares remain constant parts of the game. Who does it best? Of course, the statement is missing the biggest stars of world football as Memphis Depay , Messi or Andrea Pirlo . In the forefront is also much less expensive footballer in Turkey – Alban Meha . Acquiring Albanian our team can prove to be a hit! The game at the highest level requires a bit of combining search and less obvious solutions. I guarantee, however, that victory will taste completely different! In the end there is nothing that has as LKS NIECIECZA fighting for the League of Europe or the team Paderborn, which manages to dethrone Bayern Munich! And what are your findings with FIFA 16? In which most players are worth investing?

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