About me


I am Michelle Fisher! Welcome to my travel blog tour! I am excited to share some of my favourite places that I have been lucky enough to visit in the United States and Canada. I will teach you how to travel on a budget for the first time!

I was so excited when I received my free plane ticket to come and see America first. I am from Canada but have lived in the US for seven years now.

When I first started planning my American travel, I was very apprehensive because I was not sure if I could handle the differences in the culture. The great thing about America is the places are very welcoming to new people.

I also found that the cost of living is much cheaper than in Europe or Asia. My biggest tip on how to travel on a budget is to use an online travel agency.

When I first started this blog I wanted to share my travel experiences in the cities I had visited and write about my overall thoughts on travel. This allowed me to become an expert on travel and I am so thankful that I have created this travel journal for other travelers and tourists to share on blogs all over the world.

I will teach you how to travel on a budget by creating a travel guide that is full of tips and advice. Traveling is my passion and I love to be able to help out others who want to start their journey as well!