Why you should visit Jeddah

In the past decade, there has been an exponential growth in the number of people traveling to Saudi Arabia to enjoy vacations.
The capital of Jeddah, where many of the world’s major religions originated, is another favorite spot for Saudis.

This City is known for its historical sites, numerous religious sites, and some cultural festivals. Jeddah’s Grand Mosque is home to one of Islam’s most famous places of worship, the Grand Mosque. It was during its construction during the 8th century that Islam’s Holy Mosque was built.

If you do not think that you can afford a trip to Jeddah to experience one of Islam’s holy places, then head instead to Medina, the third-largest City of the Kingdom. Here, you will see that the desert is full of a wide array of desert culture. It is also the home of Islam’s second-largest mosque.

crowd of people in mecca

If you have never visited Jeddah before then, you might want to head to the smaller town of Al-Awamiyya, located to the south of Jeddah. It is where the Prophet Muhammad once preached. This City was built during the Prophet’s lifetime and remained the center of the pilgrimage called the hajj. It has the most magnificent Kaaba in Islam.

During summers, there is always the desire to experience the warm Arabian sun as the people of Jeddah spend much of their day lounging in front of the beautiful gardens and dunes. Many of these places are located in Jeddah’s southern part.

It is no surprise that the City of Mecca is a place that has long been known for its pilgrimage. While visiting the City in the summer, you can also visit the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad. The three mosques that make up the Masjid al-Nabawi are constructed from centuries-old stone.

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One thing that you will find as you plan your next vacation to Jeddah is that there are many activities to do as a family. The royal family does provide its guests with a traditional feast once every two years. This is followed by the annual Hajj Festival, which is the largest gathering of Muslims worldwide.

Find some time to relax on the beach

Some people also travel to Jeddah to get some relaxation time in the sun. There is a beach that is only seven minutes away from the Jeddah area. This is actually the only beach on earth that is directly on the Arabian Peninsula.

There are also several resorts here that offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodation, transportation, meals, and spa treatments.

Another reason that people travel to Jeddah is for the beaches. The Red Sea Beach is the largest of Jeddah’s beaches and is the perfect place for swimming laps or to enjoy the sand.

woman on the beach

The second most popular tourist destination in Jeddah is the old City. Here, you will find some beautiful buildings and historical artifacts. One of the most interesting aspects of this old City is its Al-Balad mosque.

Here, you will find many statues, including that of a woman in a veil that is thought to be the oldest mosque in the world. At this mosque, you can also find the Al-Khaibariya, which is one of the oldest markets in the world.

Other important places in this area include the Al-Jumeriah Al-Arab, where you can find a great collection of antiques, as well as the Al-Nur Mosque.

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E-visa to Saudi Arabia

There are many reasons why a person might want to apply for an e-visa from Saudi Arabia. They can work on an overseas assignment, participate in a business trip, or even see family members living abroad.

The Saudi Arabia E-Visa application process only takes about thirty minutes to complete online in any modern browser. There is no need to visit a local embassy or consulate during this process. Once the application has been submitted and accepted, travel authorization will be given immediately.

online payment

An electronic visa to Saudi Arabia allows many tourists from all over the globe to travel to Saudi Arabia. An E-visa is a travel authorization issued online. Every step from the application process takes place online, and your approved visa will be delivered to you as a file in PDF format.

Where are you going to find your e-visa? Your e-visa will appear in the mailbox provided in the application form within three business days. Submit your application using the application form.

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